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July 23, 2009


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I really love when Miss Tess and the Bon Ton Parade performs.. They gave me a quite exciting laid back feeling They are really great. I hope I could get to watch them again. wee..

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i play and build guitars have been playing for about 8 years or so now LOVEEEEEEE guitars even dream about guitars and im arround them pretty much all day first god created the universe and then he did an air guitar solo lol but yeah cant really think of anything better then guitars oh and girls who play guitars ROCK :D ahh im hyper

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I bought few tickets for me and my girlfriend to this concert.

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Accompanied by Bon Ton Parade, a small group that relies heavily on drums and saxophone brush, the group of valves relaxed cabaret sound that attracts vagrants lurks in us all.

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Leur musique est vraiment très excitant , les gens ont à tomber en amour avec leur musique .

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Amour pour voir un concert, tout comme leurs performances.

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I really like your music, look forward to your new album。
I really like your music and look forward to your new album.I will certainly buy it back collection

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Your kids look so cute! We used to do so much for Halloween (yes my husband and I would dress up too) but them it all got to be too much since my husband loves to decorate for Christmas. He loves lights! So now we don't really do anything for Halloween because we start the stringing of the lights in early Novembe3!

As always you have such fun and informative posts!

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